Some of our clients choose to invest in a property to be renovated; and here again you can count on our experience to guide you.

We will take care of your project from start to finish. We will assist you in obtaining the necessary permits to ensure that you are in compliance with the law.

We will be the contact with the architect and the various contractors and will follow up the works.

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Daily Management


Taking care of all the arrangements needed to rent out your property; furnishings, taking care of minor repairs and putting your property on the market.


Reviewing and approving rental applications and ensuring that your property is being occupied by a suitable tenant who will respect it and take care of it.


Drafting the lease agreement and drawing up the incoming and outgoing condition of premises report, as well as the diagnosis of the property, all in accordance with the legal requirements in force.


Collecting rents in due time according to the terms of the lease agreement as well as collecting common service charges and other fees, etc.


Compiling and sending you a quarterly management report including your cash flow as well as a detailed and transparent annual investment report.


Annually reviewing and updating the rent amount according to the legal basis (a clause in the lease agreement must include this option).


Providing the necessary data for the declaration of your property income (rent received by an owner when renting out an unfurnished property).


Completing the annual regularization procedure of the rental charges, including the recovery of the rental costs on your behalf, in order to calculate the difference between the amount of the deposit paid and the exact amount of the charges.


Verifying and obtaining proof of multi-risk home insurance and heating system maintenance each year in order to comply with the necessary administrative and legal requirements.


Offering the guarantee of a real estate management service that manages all aspects of damage to property; both before and after the occurrence, from prevention to assistance.


Obtaining quotes from one or more specialized companies when your property needs renovation work, in order to be both competitive and responsive (just ask for us and we will come to you to provide financial and administrative follow-up).


Managing and following up on any recovery procedures, with or without an additional insurance policy for unpaid rents, to ensure that the terms of the lease signed by the client are respected.